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Mystery Fabric Bundle

Are you a crafter? Fabric hoarder? Creative genius just looking for your next project?! You will love our fabric scrap boxes! These boxes are packed full of fabric pieces from our Rupert & Co products! We hate throwing these beautiful pieces away and know that you will create them into something beautiful! 

What is inside each box:

  • At least 8 pieces of different fabrics 
  • Each pieces varies in size, starting at small pieces of 6" to larger pieces up to 50" 
  • These scraps are perfect for making masks, pencil cases, and other small accessories. 
  • Scraps included are printed fabrics, flannels, linen blends and other cotton fabrics.

***Each box is a mystery! The photos used are to show you the quantity you can expect in each box. Fabrics will vary in each box